Cookies policy

CNP Assurances is particularly attentive to the expectations of its users and wishes to preserve their trust. For this reason and to better inform users about cookies, a Cookie Policy has been created

1. Glossary:

Site: Open CNP’s website

User: an Internet user connecting to the website or using the website.

Personal data: “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; an "identifiable natural person" is deemed to be a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly” (art. 4 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data).

2. Definition of a cookie

A cookie is a small alphanumeric file that is placed in the terminal of a User's computer, smartphone, tablet, cell phone, etc. when connecting to the Site.

Very useful, cookies allow a website to recognize a User, to indicate his passage on such or such page and thus to provide him with an additional service: improvement of his browsing comfort, securing his connection or adapting the content of a page to his interests.

When a User connects to the Site, a banner is displayed at the top of the first page. Subject to refusal by a User, cookies will be stored in the memory of his or her computer, smartphone, tablet or cell phone. The information collected in this way is used solely by the CNP Assurances Group and is not passed on to third parties.

Cookies record information relating to the browsing of a computer on the Website (pages consulted, date and time of consultation, etc.) and may be read during a subsequent visit. The User may, moreover, delete them from his terminal at any time.

3. Types of cookies used by the website

CNP Assurances uses various types of cookies, the purpose of which is described below, along with a brief description and a period of validity/retention:

  • Functional cookies:
    These are cookies that allow the user to be recognized when he or she uses and returns to the website, by storing the various choices made during the last visit to the Website. They thus make it possible to personalize the experience by simplifying and facilitating navigation. These cookies are valid for 13 months.
  • Statistical cookies:
    In order to adapt our Site to users' requests, CNP Assurances measures the number of visits, the number of pages consulted as well as users' activity on the Site and their frequency of return. These cookies make it possible to compile statistics for analysing the number of visitors to the website and to improve the website's content according to the success of a particular page among users. These cookies are valid for 13 months.
  • Cookies essential to navigation (session ID cookies):
    Thanks to this type of cookies, the user can navigate our site and use its various features.
    This type of cookie is necessary to ensure identification and access to a user's account. Without these cookies, the website would not function properly and the user would not be able to use the aforementioned features.
    The validity period of these cookies is 13 months.
  • Piwik (Matomo) cookies:
    These cookies allow the recording of certain information that is intended to analyze connections in order to quantify the volume of traffic on the Site and then to develop qualitative studies aimed at improving the presentation of the Site and the information disseminated on our products. These cookies are used to optimize the Site.
    How to deactivate Piwik cookies:
    - Name of the cookies used: _pk_*
    - Type of cookie: Cookie to analyze the platform's audience and marketing performance indicators
    The User can refuse the use and the deposit of this cookie on his terminal by going to

4. Managing the acceptance or refusal of cookies

By configuring the Internet browser on the computer, the user has several options for managing cookies.

The user may choose to accept the deposit of cookies and reverse this decision at any time by changing the settings of his or her Internet browser.

- Acceptance of the recording of cookies on the terminal:

Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of navigation in the website space and are used to set, for example, the correct display of the browser, the language used, etc.

- Refusal to save cookies on the terminal:

The user has the possibility to do so at any time via his browser software. However, a certain number of functions required for browsing the Website may be impaired (e.g. difficulties in saving or displaying data).

CNP Assurances shall not be liable for such malfunctions.

Depending on the type of browser installed on the User's terminal, the choice of cookie management can be made as follows.

It is described in the browser's help menu, which will allow the User to set the desired choices, namely:

  • to indicate the cookies that are deposited in the terminal, to accept or refuse them on a case by case basis,
  • to refuse them systematically.

If the user wishes to opt for the option of deactivating cookies, he/she can use one of the links below that corresponds to his/her browser (ctrl + click on the chosen link), and then follow the instructions for setting his/her software.

As an example:

To the attention of the user concerning cookies,

  • The fact of preventing the deposit of cookie on the terminal does not make disappear the advertisements displayed on the contents which the User consults on line. The refusal only blocks the adaptation of these advertisements to the User's centers of interest as deduced from the User's browsing path;
  • For a better understanding and control of cookies from all sources, not just those on our Website, CNP Assurances invites you to visit the website published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France (IAB).

5. Personal rights

In accordance with Regulation No. 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ("RGPD") and the amended "Informatique et Libertés" Act, the User who can prove his or her identity has the right to access, rectify, object to and delete personal data.

When consent is required for processing, the User has the right to withdraw it.

For more information, the user is invited to consult the Legal Notice.

All rights reserved.